I've been blogging since 1999 and writing in notebooks since I could form semi-complete sentences about what Disney movie I watched that day. 

Most of all, I'm interested in the things that connect us as humans - from poetry to technology to dance to food. Here is a hodgepodge of vignettes and posts categorized by topics I generally write about. 

**This list is sorely out of date. You can find a lot more on my current blog which I treat as a notebook of ideas, such as my informal notes on writing here and on poetry here

I really love Food. 

  • Rose's Secret NYC Guide - I made a list of NYC restaurants I have dined at since moving here in February 2014. Includes one-line-ish thoughts on the restaurants. Color-coded by borough, organized by cuisine, alphabetized. Not so secret anymore.

  • Foodspotting - Don't have time to read the latest food blogs? I'll update you on the new hot restaurants in NYC.

  • Food blog entries (on blog) - Sometimes (many times) I end up setting off the smoke detector in my building when I try to cook. But sometimes I experiment with recipes anyways.

  • Yelp - What? An Asian girl who writes reviews on Yelp? Such a rare animal sighting.

I take Photos. 

Selected client portraits. For personal images, see the photography section.